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Safety Tempered Curved Elevator Glass
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Product Description

Tempered Elevator Glass

China Hyde Glass sightseeing curved elevator glass is made of 8mm or 10mm tempered glass,qualified by CCC; CE certificate and ISO9001.

Tempered Glass  Introduction

Tempered glass is produced by first heating float glass to the softening point in tempered glass

production line, and then cooling the glass rapidly and averagely with high-speeded and high-

pressured cold wind. The formation of uniform comprehensive stress on the surface of tempered

glass and internal tensile stress effectively enhance the release of bending and impact.
Tempered glass Features

When the glass from external damage, debris will into a honeycomb-like obtuse scrawled particles, not easy to cause serious harm to human body;

2.  Strength
The same thickness of tempered glass impact strength is common glass 3 ~ 5 times, bending strength is common glass 3 ~ 5 times. 

3.Thermal stability 
The toughened glass has good thermal stability, able to withstand the temperature difference is common glass of 3 times, can withstand 300 oC temperature changing.


thicknesssingle piece 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, , laminated 10.76,12.76,13.14,13.52,etc.
colorclear, ultra clear, grey, blue, green, bronze,opaque,translucent etc.
typetinted glass, acid etched glass(frosted glass), silk-screen printed glass, pattern glass
flat temperedMaximum size: 7000*3000mm(more than 10mmthick), Minimum size: 300*300mm
bent temperedMaximum arc length: 3660(arc length)*3000mm(Height)
Minimum size: 500*300mm, Thickness: from 5mm to 19 mm
packageStrong wood cases suitable for sea and land transportation
qualified and certificateChinese CCC, , CE certificate
applicationElevator,balustrade, balcony, terrace, swimming pool fence, inside door, outside door, window, shop front, basketball board, sports ground fence, furniture, household appliance, glass wall, partition glass, table, shower screen,
basketball board ,oven door, elevator etc.

Our Advantage for Elevator Glass 

1. we use best quality raw float glass from Pilkington,SG glass,Yinyi glass or Taiwan glass,and do tempering process in Bending Tamglass furnace to guarantee the tempering quality,and definite curve.  It is very trong but not fragile.
2.  we do further heat soak testing to avoid of self-explosion of tempred glass
3.  we produce the accurate curved size at the tolerance of +/-0.5mm or +/-1mm max
 4. We do definite grined or polishing edge
5.  we do strict  procedure control  on the surface quality to avoid of sacratch, dirty and defects.