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Low-e Hollow Insulating Glass for Window
- May 22, 2018 -

Low-e Hollow Insulating Glass for Window

Factory Name: Huantai Hyde Glass Factory

Model NO.: 5mm+12A+5mm

Energy Transfer: Radiation

Deep Processing Depth: Hollow Glass

Color: Clear

Usage: Furniture, Door, Building, Window

Min. Size: 200*400mm

Max Size: 2500mm*7800mm

Single glass thickness: 3-12mm
Total thickness of insulating glass: 10-40mm

Function: Have good heat insulation function which can save energy obviously; Can prevent dew caused by temperature difference between indoors and outdoors which have good soundproof and anti cold radiation function.

Application: Widely used in industrial and civil construction door, window, curtain wall, bounding wall, skylight, translucent roof and airport lounge, vehicle and fridge.

 insulated glass fridge door.jpg