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History Of Toughened Glass
- Apr 09, 2018 -

The development of the toughened glass can be traced back to the first, in the middle of the 17th century there was a prince called Robert lane countries, did an interesting experiment, he put a drop of molten glass of cold water, the results they produced a type of very hard glass. This high-intensity granular glass is like a drop of water, with a long, curved tail, called "prince Robert". But when the tail of a small grain is bent and broken, it is strange that the whole grain suddenly collapses violently and becomes a fine powder. The above method is very much like the quenching of metal, and this is the quenching of glass. This quenching does not cause any change in the composition of the glass, so it is called physical tempering, so tempered glass is called tempered glass.

Toughened glass first patented in 1874 by the French, toughened method is to heat the glass to nearly softening temperature, in a relatively low temperature liquid tank, the surface stress increased. This method is an early liquid toughening method. Germany's Frederick Siemens obtained a patent in 1875, and Geovge e. Rogens of Massachusetts applied the toughening method to glass cups and lamp post in 1876. In the same year, HughO 'heill of New Jersey granted a patent.

In the 1930 s, France saint-gobain special lux company, company and the United States and Britain's pilkington companies have started to produce supply wind car for large area flat tempered glass. In the 1930s, Japan also made the steel glass industry. From then on the world began to mass-produce tempered glass.

After 1970, the British Triplex company with liquid medium steel thickness of 0.75 ~ 0.75 mm of glass to be successful, end the history of physics toughened can't thin tempered glass, which is a major breakthrough of toughened glass technology.

The history of toughened glass in China began in 1955, with a trial production of Shanghai yaohua glass factory. In 1958, the trial production of steel glass factory in qinhuangdao was successful. In 1965, qinhuangdao yaohua glass factory began to produce steel glass for military personnel. In the 1970s, luoyang glass factory first introduced the Belgian steel equipment. At the same time, shenyang glass factory chemical toughened glass into production.

Toughened glass technology around the world in 1970 s got the promotion and popularization of comprehensive, toughened glass in the automotive, construction, aerospace, electronics and other fields begin to use, especially in the construction and fastest growing car.