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High Safety Low Iron Tempered Window Glass for Building
- Oct 20, 2018 -
Product Description
High safety low iron tempered window glass for building


Glass thickness: 3-19mm
Color: clear, ultra clear, dark/lake/ocean blue, dark f/h green, bronze, gray, etc.
Size:  300x300mm--13000*3300mm


curtain wall, glass partition, entrance and door, glass fense, exterior glass wall,  storefront, sunshine room, greenhouse, etc.

Features of tempered glass:

1. Heat-treated to be stronger and more durable than standard annealed glass-upper to five times stronger of equal thickness.

2. Heat resistant, making it an ideal choice for many dry projects.

3. Break into small pieces rather than large shards.

4. often used where standard glass pose a danger.

5. Tempered glass cannot be cut or drilled after tempering.

Edge process workmanship:

beveled edge, drilling holes, grinding edge, polished edge, etc.

Machinery of our factory:

1. Full automatic double edging machine.

2. Full automatic washing and drilling machine.

3. Toughening furnace loading glass overturning platform.

4. Ultra long forced convection toughening furnace.

5. Super large laminated glass production line.

6. Super large glass loading and unloading equipment.

Our Advantages:

1. with 20 years experence of processing construction glass

2. advance glass machines and technology

3. good quality and full range of glass

4. unique designes strong wooden crates, solving the problems of breakage

5. perforessnal sales team, offering personalized and dedicated service