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Good Quality Tempered Silk Screen Printed Laminated Glass
- Jun 19, 2018 -

 Factory Name: Huantai Hyde Glass Factory


 Product Description

 Hyde laminated glass with CE and ISO9001




  Thickness of PVB:0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm,2.28mm,3.04mm.

  Thickness of EVA:0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm,2.28mm,3.04mm.

  Thickness of SGP:1.52mm,3.04mm.


*Interlayers of the laminated glass:

1 layer,2 layers,3 layers and more layers according to your requirements.


* Interlayer film colour:clear,white,grey,blue,green and pink,etc.

* Max size:3660*2440mm.



Laminated Glass


2.Laminated glass max size:2800*9000mm





 laminated glass Thickness:

2+0.38+2mm,3+0.38+3mm, 4+0.38+4mm, 5+0.38+5mm,6+0.38+6 mm, 8+0.38+8mm 8+0.76+8mm, 10+0.38+10, 12+0.38+12mm etc..


laminated glass Color:

Clear, Milk white, Green, Blue, Bronze, Grey etc


laminated glass Size:

2440*1830mm, 3300*2134/2250/2440mm, 3660*2134/2250/2440mm, can be customized as per requests


laminated glass Quality standard:

CE, ISO9001,  



Packaging & Delivery


 Packaging Details: Sea worthy wooden cases with interlayer paper

Delivery Detail: In four weeks after payment confirmation



Once broken the pieces of glass will still be stuck with the middle coatings so as to avoid human injury or property loss because of glass falling.


*Sound insulation

The special laminated structure and pvb film of laminated glass can stop the sound wave,effectively preventing the expanding of the sound.




--Skylights and canopies,

--Glass stairs,balustrades,

--Automotive windshield,

--facades and curtain walls