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Extra Clear MistliteTempered Greenhouse Glass
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Extra Clear Tempered Mistlite Greenhouse Glass


Tempered Extra Clear  Mistlite Glass with 3.2mm,4mm,5mm,6mm thickness

 We produce and design the temered glass specially for greenhouse .
1)  It is ultra clear with the surface of mistlite or textured design. The sunlight is diffused by this rough surface, there are full sunligt in very corners in the glass house,and all plants or leave can get long time and enough sunlight. 
2)   This ultra clear textured glass surface is coated by AR process, the light transmittance is increased by 6%. The plant can get more heat from the sunlight.

Specifications & tenique data

TypeAR coating solar glass 
SizeMin size 450*150mm,   Max size 2440*1830mm,
Further Processcleaning, cutting, rough grinding, hole, etc.
SurfaceMistlite  or Nasiji  pattern or ultra clear
Visible light Transmittance91.60%
Visible light reflectance7.30%
Solar Transmittance92%
Solar reflectance7.40%
UV transmittance86.80%
Total solar heat gain coefficient92.20%
Shading Coefficient1.04% Performance varied due to different thickness