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Customized Safety Laminated Bulletproof Glass Manufacturer
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Basic Info

Brand: China Hyde Glass
Color: Clear, Black, Milk, Red, etc.
Usage: Door, Building, Window
Application: Building
Transport Package: Wooden Crates
Specification: 300mm*300mm-2200mm*6000mm
Origin: Zibo, Shandong, China
HS Code: 70072900

Product Description

Customized safety laminated bulletproof glass manufacturer 
What is Bulletproof Glass?
Bulletproof Glass (" Bullet Resistant Glass " or "ballistic glass") is achieved through the multiple layering of laminated glass wherein several lites of glass are bonded together by a 13" polycarbonate material, typically Polyvinyl Butyrol (PVB). It is this PVB interlayer, not the glass lite, which essentially helps sustain a bullet's blow and slows down its penetration. PVB adds another element of safety by maintaining the structural integrity of the glass construction despite its shattering, preventing otherwise large, sharp glass shards from injuring potential bystanders.
Bulletproof Glass Features
1.Extremely High Safety: The PVB interlayer withstands penetration from impact. Even if the glass cracks, splinters will adhere to the interlayer and not scatter. In comparison with other kinds of glass, laminated glass has much higher strength to resist shock, burglary, burst and bullets.
2. Energy-saving Building materials: PVB interlayer impedes the transmission of solar heat and reduces cooling loads.
3. Create Aesthetic Sense to Buildings: Laminated glass with a tinted interlayer will beautify the buildings and harmonize their appearances with surrounding views which meet the demand of architects.
4. Sound Control: PVB interlayer is an effective absorber of sound.
5. Ultraviolet Screening: The interlayer filters out ultraviolet rays and prevents the furniture and curtains from fading effect

Glass panes for shopping centers, stores, banks, schools, residential buildings, embassies, etc.
Product NameCustomized safety laminated bulletproof glass manufacturer 
Place of OriginalZibo, Shandong, China
Minimum Size300mm×300mm
Maximum Size2200mm×6000mm
PVBColorClear, Black, Milk, Red, etc.
Packing Details1. Interlay paper or plastic between two sheets
2. Seaworthy wooden crates
3. Iron belt for consolidation
ApplicationWindows and Doors in Architecture, Bank, Counter, Jewelry, Store,  etc.
Quality StandardCE, ISO, CCC
Production RangeTempered glass(Clear&Tinted Color)
Laminated Glass
Low-E Glass
Low-E Insulating Glass
Fire-proof Glass
Bullet-proof Glass
Reflective Glass 
Note: Hyde Glass can customize according to the given specifications and colors from
our clients.