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Classification Of Furniture Glass
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Glass is now made and furniture in a variety of categories, from the sense of transparency, color sense, functions of many kinds, simple introduction of several:

Ordinary glass: this does not explain.

Ground glass: a sand grain shape, a common glass shape, half permeable.

Atomized glass: the glass appears to have a layer of mist, the advantage of not eating fingerprints, easy to scrub.

Emulsified glass: the glass edge is ordinary glass, roughly half a centimeter, the middle part and the atomized glass similar, white fog color, the advantage, the isolation ray.

Brushed glass: the color is greenish white, the advantage does not eat handprint, cooperate metallic simple furniture appears very modern.

Laminated glass: can have laminated glass in the middle, this is, of course, you can't from the outside to the naked eye can see, opaque, advantages, intensity is high, the hammer hit not broken, do the bed make commonly, cost is high also, of course

Metallic glass: metallic grain soft glass material, strength is very high, modelling is also very unique.

Reflective glass: metal reflective glass is indoor using ion sputtering method, vacuum plating the metal or metal compounds on the glass surface, make it produce a uniform layer of metal oxide film, due to the thickness of a metal oxide film is different, can present a different color and high performance of heat insulation performance.

Insulating glass: the insulating glass is produced by special gases, such as dry air or argon, separated by two pieces of glass.

Toughened glass: toughened glass is when the plate glass is heated to the softening point, it cools rapidly on the glass surface, and the compression stress is distributed on the glass surface, while the tensile stress is at the center layer.