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China Manufacturer Best Quality Insulated Low-E Window Glass
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Product Description

Fully Tempered low-e glass roof skylight insulated building window glass


· Fully Tempered

· Energy Saving

· Super Long Life

· Thin Structure

· Ultimate Dewpoint

· Noise Reduction

· Flexibility

. Thermal Insulation

. Free of condensation

ProductThicknessLow-E Glass type



Total Solar Energy Transmittance







Light-to-solar Gain (LSG)
Vacuum Insulated Glass Plus Insulated
27.3mmOff-line Double Silver0.440.450.52401.40
Vacuum Insulated Glass Plus Laminated
18.44mmOff-line Double Silver0.470.460.53421.37

1. T-Temperred clear glass; TL-Tempered Low-E glass; V-vacum space; P-PVB interlayer ; A-Air Space.
2. Max.Size: 1500x2500mm; Min.Size: 300x300mm
3.The performance data are calculated in accordance with U.S.ASHRAE Standards.

Application Range

Features: Thin, lightweight, safe,thermal and sound insulation.   
Applications: Doors, windows, curtain walls, and skylights for commercial and residential buildings, public facilities, green buildings as well as landmark structures.

·Home Appliances
Features: Energy savings, weight, thickness, safety, and condensation free.
Applications: Ideal for freezers, wine cabinets, and display cases.

Features: thermal insulation and sloped installation.
Applications: Solar photovoltaic buildings.

Features: Thermal insulation and optical transparency
Applications: Modern greenhouse farming.

Features: Thermal insulation, soundproofing and condensation free,optical transparency performance. 
Applications: Suitable as flat window materials for automobiles, high-speed rail, aircraft, and vessels.