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Building Glass Factory jumbo size Low-E Insulated Glass
- Dec 12, 2018 -

Product Description

Building Glass Factory Jumbo Size Low-E Insulated Glass


Features of insulated glass:

The Insulated glass is a prefabricated unit made of two or more glass panes, which have been separated by an air gap and edge, then sealed together. This edge seal not only binds the individual sheets of glass together to maintain the mechanical strength of the joint but also protects the space between the glass from outside influences. The air enclosed between the two glass panes is dried with a desiccant. Because of the low heat conductivity of the enclosed dry air between the glass panes, heat transmission through the window is drastically reduced. Tempered, Laminated, reflective, low-E, tinted or clear glass can be used. 

Specification of insulated glass:
Product Insulating Glass/Hollow Glass/Double Glazing Glass
Thickness5mm+9A+5mm - 15mm+16A+15mm
Aluminum Strip Width6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, etc
SpecificationMin size: 300mm x 300mm,  Max size: 2500mm x 6000mm 
Glass ColorClear, Ultra Clear, Grey, Brown, Black, Green, Blue, etc
Type Of GlassClear/Tinted/Reflective/Tempered/Laminated/Low-E
Insulating GasAir,  Vacuum, Argon
Application1. Facades and curtain walls
2. Skylights
3. Green house
Package1. Seaworthy wooden crates with interlayer paper
2. Iron belt for strengthening
Delivery time20 days after receiving the deposit

Package of Tempered Glass:

1. strong wooden crates

2. safety for oversea transportation

3. easy and security to handle

4. the max weight of each wooden crate is 2 tons

About China Hyde Glass:

1. with 20 years experience in glass industry
2. advance glass machines and technology
3. good quality glass with CCC certified.
4. unique designed strong wooden crates, solving the problems of breakage.
5. full range of flat glass supply, include tempered glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, etc.
6. professional sales team, offering personalized and dedicated services, your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
7. sample can be offered for free if you need