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8mm Clear Bent Glass for Building
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Basic Info

Model NO.: Clear Bent Glass

Fragment State: Ⅲ

Technics: Physically Tempered

Flatness: High Class

Usage: Building, Furniture, Home Appliance, Daily Products

Standard Size of Float Glass: 2134X3300mm; 1830X2440mm; 2134X3660mm; etc

Application: Skylight, Sightseeing Elevator, Hyperboloid, etc

Color: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Grey, etc

Technique: Hot Curved Glass

Thickness: 4-19mm

Certificate: CE,CCC, ISO9001

Transport Package: Strong Plywood Crates with Interlayer Paper


Product Description

8mm Clear Bent Glass for Building

Heat bent glass, which is made of float glass, is firstly heated to softening point on metal mould and then bent to shape by weight of glass itself and outside force, then finally cooled down.

Heat bent glass adopts the similar process with tempered glass, but before the cooling process, using the external power to bend glass to a proper radian according the requirement. The wind pressure resistance of curved tempered glass/heat bent glass is better than flat tempered glass and other kinds glass for the special shape.

Our curved glass/bended glass/heat bent glass is most famous in glass industry of China. We process curved glass at high accuracy with good quality. Curved glass/bended glass/heat bent glass can be further processed into insulated glass, tempered and laminated glass, etc.


Curved glass/heat bent glass is used in curtain wall with curved structure, skylight, sightseeing elevator, hyperboloid and taper shaped buildings.
Curved tempered glass/bended glass/heat bent glass is widely used in esthetics architecture field for beautiful appearance.

Curved glass/bended glass/heat bent glass is extensively used in shower door glass, fencing glass, revolving door glass, high quality furniture glass and architectural situations

Heat bent glass/curved glass/bended glass features:
Safety performance: Heat bent glass/curved glass/bended glass will appear hurtless obtuse angles when breakage.
Strength performance: Four times more than ordinary glass.
Heat stability: Three times more than ordinary glass, could bear temperature change about 200 ° C.