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Insulated Glass Sliding Glass Door

Main products of China Hyde Glass: China Hyde Glass focuses on overseas market, the main products are Flat& Curved Tempered Glass ( Heat Strengthened Glass, Full Tempered Glass, Heat Soaked Testing Glass), Flat&curved Laminated Glass (SGP film/ EVA film/ PVB film); Flat& curved...

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Main products of China Hyde Glass:

China Hyde Glass made a lot insulated glass for sliding doors, and  main products of Hyde are Flat& Curved Tempered Glass ( Heat Strengthened Glass Full Tempered Glass, Heat Soaked Testing Glass), Flat&curved Laminated Glass (SGP film/ EVA film/ PVB film); Flat& curved Insulated Glass(Air, Argon gas, Vacuum), Painted Glass(Silkscreen Glass, Lacquered Glass, 3D digital Printing Glass), etc.


Advantages of Hyde insulated glass:

1. The main advantage of insulated glass is that it helps in insulation by reducing the heat gain and heat loss.

2. energy saving:the use of low-e glass and reflective coatings can further improve the efficiency of the windows by further limiting the heat transfer.

3. Insulated glass also helps in sound insulation and improves the acoustics of the place.

4. reduce in the amount of direct sunlight and UV rays that enters the room through the windows.

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Machinery & work flow in Hyde Glass:

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FAQ about Hyde:

1. How can I get the best price?

In order to offer our best price for you, please send all the details as below for us:

a. what size and thickness glass are you looking for?

b. How about the approximate quantity?

c. Do you have any special requirement like drill holes, cut notches, cutouts, acid etched, silkscreen?

d. When do you need those glass?


2. Where are you located?

Our factory locate in Zibo Shandong, China. About 300KM to Qingdao and Tianjin Port.


3- What's the fastest production time you can do?

Generally, our production time for one container laminated glass is 7-15days. But if your order very urgent, we will do our best to finish it for you within 7days.


4- How can you make sure the glass won't broken during transportation?

For all the glass from China Hyde Glass, we will pack them into strong export plywood crates and load the crates into container with metal belt as stable as possible. If unfortunately by accident, the glass broken, we will have insurance to cover the risk, because for all the glass from our company, we will purchase the insurance to cover all the risk for customers freely.


5- Can you accept small quantity?

Yes, but the price will be a little higher, because it needs to share more cost like depreciation of machinery and local charges.


6- Can you send me some samples to check your quality?

Sure, we could send the free samples (except special deep processing glass) for you any time. But for fair business, you pay for courier charge. If you have courier account like DHL, TNT, FX, send the detail account information for us, and then, we send out the samples ASAP. If you don't have courier account, transfer the courier charge for us, we will pay for DHL, and we will refund the courier charge for you once we start business.


7- Can you mix different glass in one container?

Yes, we could mix different processing glass like tempered glass, laminated glass and insulated glass in one container. But not with normal float glass.


8- How can I reach you faster?

Call us any time by phone number 0086 13370673747. We are here for you 24hours/day, 7days/week.

Packing & shipping:

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