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what is glass wall system
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Glass Wall Systems

While not a new office feature, glass wall systems have certainly increased in popularity in recent years, as corporate design trends call for more minimalism, simplicity and sophistication.

Not only do glass walls look beautiful and are recyclable, they can be good for employees' health, too, since they let in more natural light. As discussed in one of our previous posts about the benefits of glass office walls, exposure to more sunlight during the day—and thus, more vitamin D—improves a person’s sleep and overall quality of life.

Glass wall systems can be customized to meet an office’s individual dimensions and needs, as well. Some are actual walls, while others are demountable partitions that can be adjusted—literally breaking down the physical barriers between employees, and thus, encouraging collaboration.

Glass walls can also improve a workplace's acoustics, which is one of the components the aforementioned Sapio Research report focused on.