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Traditional drywall VS glass wall system
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Traditional drywall is permanent and cannot be moved, while glass wall systems are more versatile and allow more natural light into an office.

Research companies are increasingly evaluating the workplace environment, determining how it may help or hinder productivity, inspire or discourage creativity, and boost or harm employee morale. This includes taking a close look at its design and overall atmosphere, too.

Sapio Research, a consumer and B2B market research agency based in London, England, recently examined the relationship between someone’s well-being and his or her work environment in a report titled, Wellness Together.

“While there is no exact recipe for creating a successful business,” the report states, “new research suggests that successful companies have in common a wealth of elements that benefit their employees’ work environments.” These include: Movement, Lighting, Personal Storage, Noise and Acoustics, Air Quality, and Employee Empowerment.