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Reasons for tempered-glass breakage
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Reasons for tempered-glass breakage:

  • Damages, such as scratches and chips to the glass. This can result in spontaneous glass breakage in the future. For example, care should be taken while cleaning glass, as it is susceptible to movement. The corners and edges coming in contact with anything can cause damage, which can then lead to breakage.

  • Improper moving or handling glass. If glass comes into contact with a hard or sharp object when being handled, it can get scratched or chipped, breaking spontaneously. Furthermore, large pieces of glass improperly moved can also break.

  • Nickel sulfide inclusions. International standards organization ASTM International’s C 1048 guidelines permit blemishes in glass, including nickel sulfide, between 0.020 and 0.100 of an inch, depending on glass size. Such inclusions could cause spontaneous glass breakage, but there isn’t any known technology completely eliminating their formation in float glass. These can be so small that there isn’t a practical way to inspect for their presence. Consequently, U.S. float glass manufactures have worked hard and have virtually eradicated this element from their production facilities.