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Protection principle of bulletproof glass
- Apr 09, 2018 -

In a bomb attack and accidental explosion, bomb proof glass can minimize the explosion shock wave high load and high speed flying shards of glass caused by direct damage, reduce the attack or explosion center around facilities as well as repair costs. The explosion shock wave energy formed by the bomb blast glass increases a few times or even dozens of times without penetrating, and the glass holding value of RET is approximately 1. And single piece of glass (including float glass, tempered glass, hollow glass) once broken, as long as a little more than the critical fracture stress RET soon fell below 0.3, scattered shards of glass, a penetrating damage.

Explosion-proof function

Globally, bomb attacks (including car bombs, suicide bombers) and rising terror threat events, the marriott hotel in Indonesia is a typical event, with the increase of bombs, people's life safety and property are extremely serious threat. According to security expert analysis and related data, the scattering of glass and debris is the main cause of injury. In bomb attacks, 75 percent of the damage is related to glass, which means that if you use a bomb, you can reduce the damage by 75 percent. If, at the time of the explosion, the glass of all the buildings remains intact in the frame, the shock wave energy will not enter the room, and the indoor articles will not be damaged. High speed debris will not enter the building or fall to the ground to cause damage.

Frame system

The explosion and shock caused by the explosion are the main causes of glass damage. And the generation of debris from the gun itself and the surrounding environment caused by shaking of the building (such as debris peeling off the), to beat the bomb attack damage effect, first of all glass must withstand pieces of shock waves and the two aspects of the attack. Bomb proof glass and bomb proof glass frame system after the professional computing software calculation, can according to the glass properties, explosion shock pressure, shock wave pulse (kPa/msec), duration (milliseconds msec), extent of damage, such as conditions for testing, can calculate the certain equivalent of glass as the bomb exploded and the system can keep in good condition (not broken glass), rupture (appear crack, there can be a part of the falling debris, has been through). The bomb resistant glass should meet the ASTM f1642-96 standard test requirements.