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Parameters of tempered ultra clear glass
- May 23, 2018 -

Ultra clear glass is also called super clear glass, it is in fact low iron glass. Compared to normal iron glass, it has high light transmittance and better appearance. Visible light transmittance for normal glass is about 85%, for ultra clear it is not lower than 91.6%. Normal glass has green edges, and ultra clear glass has blue edge.

Physical parameters of ultra clear glass:

  1. elasticity modulus: 73.1Gpa

  2. Knoop hardness: 41.4 Mpa

  3. Density:  2.5076kgf/mm2

  4. Transformation temperature: 556℃

  5. Intenerate temperature or yield point: 606℃

  6. Softening point: 710℃

  7. Annealing point: 547℃

  8. Strain point: 513℃

  9. Liquid phase temperature: 1008℃