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key suggestions to glass handling
- Nov 15, 2018 -

key suggestions to glass handling:

  1. Always wear safety glasses with side shields and gloves when moving or handling glass.

  2. Inspect the glass before moving it to assure there isn’t any damage that may cause spontaneous glass breakage.

  3. Use proper lifting and moving techniques. Hold the glass firmly in your hands. Do NOT carry it over your head or under your arms.

  4. Do not let any surface bump or hit the glass’ edges or corners.

  5. When setting glass on the floor, or other any other surface, gently place it down on the long edge.

  6. Do not place glass directly on hard surfaces. Instead, use padding, or another type of cushioning agent.

  7. Wrap or cover glass in blankets, or other cushioning agents, to protect it against incidental bumps that could cause chips or scratches.

  8. Carry only one piece of glass at a time.

  9. Have two or more people or utilize lift-assist devices when handling large pieces of glass, as a way to reduce any shear stress in the material.