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Identification of insulating glass
- Apr 09, 2018 -

1. Fill the inert gas argon and krypton.

According to expert introduction, for the construction of energy-saving residential design in terms of a window, the room heat radiation loss mainly through window frame transmission, glass, window and door frames the way such as gaps in the convection, thus there will be a "hollow glass" arises at the historic moment. In fact "hollow glass" is not "empty", two layer spacing of the technical requirements for hollow glass is 8 mm, the experiment proved that if 8 mm spacing full vacuum, atmospheric pressure glass will be crushed. Therefore qualified insulating glass. Its interlayer, namely 8mm thick spacing space, must be filled with inert gas argon and krypton. After filling, the K value (the limit value of the heat transfer coefficient) is shown in the test, which can be reduced by 5% compared with the previous year, which means that the insulation performance is better.

2. Double glazing on the market.

In other words, if you choose and buy back the hollow glass of the mezzanine is truly inside the "empty", it means that its heat or thermal insulation cold insulation performance at best is double deck glass, the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation is poor, scientific tests proved that the qualified hollow glass, can make the average heat transfer coefficient of window can limit value k value from 3.5 to 2.8, the heat transfer performance can make the room heat is not easy to lost. The hollow glass that the market is fake, mostly just the two glass is fixed together simply, its heat insulation performance is very poor.

3. Aluminum bars with holes in the glass.

"Double deck glass" of poor heat insulation performance, often caused by air water vapor into the interlayer of fog inside hair flower, even produce mildew, so some companies tend to adopt in sandwiched between two pieces of glass are perforated aluminum bar, granular desiccant in the porosity of the aluminum bar "processing" approach, is actually played the role of temporary shield, did not raise any heat insulation performance of double deck glass, a long desiccant expires, or will be uncovered.

One of the tricks of the test is to see if there is any ice between the glass during the winter months. Of course, there are aluminum bars, often false vacuum. The material of window frame is also a mark, hollow glass is commonly made of model steel, not aluminium alloy.