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How To Use Tempered Glass Safely
- Oct 18, 2018 -

How To Use Tempered Glass Safely

Causes of breakage:The surface of tempered glass is a compressive stress layer, keeping an equilibrium by the corresponding internal tensile stress. When cracks on the surface reach to inner layer, the glass breaks.

These cracks are defined as follows:‧Cracks caused by impacts from hard objects, welding spatter and thrownobjects.‧Handling and storage damage.‧Damage caused by thermal stress and systemic stress.Hit by external force.‧Scars caused by inclusion of foreign objects.‧   Unexplained. Features of breakage:Partially broken, tempered glass will lose tensile equilibrium and cause total breakage,. Some broken pieces splash, some stick together as a conglomerate. When broken, persons nearby may be showered by broken pieces or conglomerates. The pieces could injure people if they are big enough. Shape cutting or perforating:When a piece of glass is cut or drilled, its peripheral strength will be dramatically reduced. Such procedures should be avoided. Using tempered glass in the under mentioned parts, laminated tempered glass is recommended:‧Patio roof, moon roof glass used horizontally.‧The building glass that may drop and cause damage to pedestrians, vehicles and other objects on the ground.‧Glass used for railings that may cause people or articles to fall when broken.