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Brief introduction of glass railing PUP post system
- Dec 28, 2018 -


PUP post system or panaroma universal post system,  meet the new generation of Topless Glass Railing Systems… the PUP Post; a 2 ½” x 2½” post with a new, triple-channel design that enables a single post to function as either an inline, corner or end post. The multi-function insert component provides the ultimate versatility for custom projects allowing you to adjust your glass height and angles (up to a 60° variance) for a nearly limitless range of options for your outdoor designs.

A single, multi-functional, post… nearly LIMITLESS options!

  • 30° multi angles

  • Surface or Fascia mounted

  • Optional top rail cap

  • Available in 9 standard / 180 custom colours

  • Accommodates unique shapes and custom designs like curves and angles

  • Option of different glass types or alternate material options for a louver look.

  • Gap from deck to glass allows for easy cleaning and snow removal

  • Ideal for wind wall applications

  • Privacy screen or Fencing options possible