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Glass cleaning tips
- Sep 28, 2018 -
Glass cleaning tips:
  1. soak the glass surface with a clean water and soap solution to loosen dirt and debris

  2. The process will take less time and effort if you clean your glass regularly

  3. rinse the glass and make sure it’s free of all dirt and debris and cleaning solution

  4. Utilize non-abrasive cleaning products

  5. Opt for a “window-cleaning squeegee to remove all of the cleaning solution” you use on the glass.

  6. Pay extra-close attention when “cleaning coated glass surfaces.” 

  7. Refrain from using metal blades or knifes on a glass product.

  8. Continuously check the glass throughout the process to make sure there isn’t any damage. 

  9. Make sure all “water and cleaning residue” does not remain on the glass.