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glass cleaning maintenance tips
- Oct 16, 2018 -
Glass cleaning maintenance tips include:
  • The process will take less time and effort if you regularly “soak the glass surface with a clean water and soap solution to loosen dirt and debris.” The more time you wait in between washings, the harder it will be to get the glass clean. This should be the first thing you do.

  • Completely rinse the glass and make sure it’s free of all dirt and debris before you pick up a cleaning solution. If you just spray the cleaner on the glass without rinsing it, all you will do is move the dirt around—not actually clean it. You may even scratch the material as a result.

  • Utilize non-abrasive cleaning products. Failing to do so could potentially damage the glass, whether it’s insulating, laminated, decorative, or any other type of glass.

  • Opt for a “window-cleaning squeegee to remove all of the cleaning solution” you use on the glass. Such an item can effectively wash the product without causing damage.

  • Pay extra-close attention when “cleaning coated glass surfaces.” You may incidentally remove the coatings and damage the material. This is especially important to keep in mind regarding reflective and tinted glass products.

  • Refrain from using metal blades or knifes on a glass product. This is because it may scratch the surface.

  • Continuously check the glass throughout the process to make sure there isn’t any damage. Remember to take your time—rushing through the process will only increase the chances of something going wrong.

  • Make sure all “water and cleaning residue” does not remain on the glass. You want it to be completely clean when you finish!