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Bulletproof glass structure
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Bulletproof glass is actually made from a transparent adhesive material that is glued together by multiple pieces of glass or high-strength organic panels. Generally, there are three layers:

The layer of the bearing: the layer is first subjected to shock and rupture. Generally, the glass with large thickness and high strength can be used to damage the warhead or change the shape of the warhead, so that it can lose its ability to move forward.

The transition layer: it is generally made of organic adhesive materials, with strong adhesion and good light resistance. It can absorb some of the impact energy and change the direction of the bullet. A very strong and transparent chemical film is sandwiched in the laminated glass. This not only can effectively prevent the shooting of bullets, but also has the performance of anti-surge shock, anti-explosion, anti-shock and collision.

Safety protection layer: this layer adopts high strength glass or high strength transparent organic material, has good elasticity and toughness, can absorb most of the impact energy, and ensures that the bullet cannot pass through this layer.

The most important performance indicator of bulletproof glass is bulletproof capability. The index of bulletproof ability is measured from two aspects, one is the security protection ability, the other is the ability to kill the gun.

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