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Bulletproof glass production capacity distribution
- Apr 09, 2018 -

The overall situation

By the end of 2009, global bulletproof glass production capacity was about 10 million square meters, mainly distributed in four regions. Among them, European production capacity was 2.67 million square meters, accounting for 26.7%, ranking first in the world. Japan accounted for 22.1%, North America 15.8% and mainland China 14.5%, ranking fourth in the world. Other countries and regions accounted for 20.9%.

Bullet-proof glass originated in Europe and the United States, in recent years, China's bulletproof glass enterprises rapid expansion, production capacity has comparative with the capacity of the United States, Germany and other countries, as the international bullet-proof glass industry gradually shift to China and the improvement of Chinese domestic enterprise research and development, production capacity, China in the next few years will become the world one of the most important production base of bulletproof glass.

The domestic situation

According to the statistics of relevant industry associations, by 2009, there were 62 bulletproof glass production enterprises in China, with 70 production lines and an annual capacity of 1.45 million square meters, with a capacity utilization of 66.0% in 2009.