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Basic classification of bulletproof glass
- Apr 09, 2018 -

According to the different degree of protection, bulletproof glass can be classified into two types, one is safe and the other is life safety. Safety bulletproof glass, after being shot, it has no spatter and no harm to human body. Life security bulletproof glass, after being shot, is sprayed with flying spatter, but the bullet can't penetrate the glass and can cause secondary damage to the human body. The bulletproof glass has different requirements for its bulletproof ability according to different guns. Bullet-proof glass is divided into three series, the first is the aviation bulletproof glass, the second is the vehicle, the ship USES bulletproof glass, the third is the bank USES bulletproof glass. The thickness is between 18mm and 40mm.

Bullet-proof glass is a kind of special glass with high safety performance which can be damaged by some kind of equivalent bomb explosion, and the glass is not separated from the frame.

Bulletproof glass is made of glass or organic glass) and high quality engineering plastic through special processing of a kind of compound material, it is usually transparent material, usually including polycarbonate layer sandwiched between common glass.