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Advantages of low-e glass
- May 25, 2018 -

Low-e glass has metallic oxide coating deposite onto clear float glass surface. Advantages of low-e glass:

In winter:

  1. Low-e insulated glass provides 3 times more heat insulation than standard double glazing glass.

  2. Energy savings, due to reduced heating requirements.

  3. Environmental protection, due to this reduction in energy used for heating.

  4. Reduced condensation on the inside of the windows, as the interior pane is kept closer to room temperature.

In summer:

 1. Low-e insulated glass can block twice as much direct heat from the sun than standard double glazing.

 2. Improved comfort, due to a more agreeable interior temperature being maintained.

 3.  A reduction in the running costs, where there is air conditioning.

Also properties of low-e glass can be further enhanced by using it with other types of glass to provide acoustic insulation, security, decoration or privacy.